Thursday, March 10, 2011

Product Focus - Brownie Point

Anyone who has visited us for a treatment already knows about one of Launceston's best kept secrets....
Brownie Point is a locally owned and run business that makes some of the best gourmet brownies we've ever tasted!!
When we were designing sanctum we knew we wanted to offer a few things different and this popped onto our radar. It fit so well into our plan to have our Clients take some time out in our Relaxation Lounge after their treatments and enjoy a tea and something small and tasty to help prepare them for returning to the 'real world'. 
This is the 'soul' part of 'body skin soul'!
The majority of Brownie Points goodies are gluten free without losing any of their amazing texture and flavour - we think our Clients would agree!
The lovely Edna, Lorraine and team are baking these goodies daily and locals are welcome to drop in to buy directly from the source.
With such treats as: Choc Fudge Walnut, Cherry Coconut, Rocky Road and Cappucino Brownies; plus White Chocolate and Raspberry Blondies, it's no wonder that they are becoming more sought after at local outlets and farmer markets.
sanctum has a select range of brownies for purchase as well, even though it makes some days tougher than others when you're feeling peckish at Reception!

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