Sunday, May 29, 2011

June Promotions at sanctum

New from sanctum this month:

Mukti AHA Facial Treatment Masque: using the combined benefits of Citric, Malic and Lactic acids, these treatments work with the skin to renew and revitalise.  Gently aiding in cell regeneration and smoothing, added to either our 30 or 60 Minute Aromatic Facial Treatments for only $10, our AHA Treatment Masque is all about giving you the healthiest skin possible without harsh chemicals or abrasive treatments.  For best results a course of treatments is recommended - to this end, we are offering a great package deal.
When you prepay for 4 AHA treatments, recieve the 5th absolutely free!

Be kind to your skin this Winter.

Welcome to our new Team Member, Jess!
Jess is a Tassie girl, who chose to move to Brisbane to study Natural Therapies.  Wtith qualifications in Remedial Massage, and after moving back earlier this year, Jess has come on board to help our with our Massage treatments on Thursdays and every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.
Jess brings a lovely, calming presence to her treatment room and is already garnering wonderful feedback from her Clients.
Jess is also a qualified Naturopath and we have decided to let her settle into sanctum a little before we launch this exciting new side to our centre.  More on this soon.
To help welcome Jess, we have a great special for June.
With every 60 Minute Massage booked with Jess in June,
receive a Gift Voucher for 20% off any of our Services
(for a future appointment)
Use this voucher for yourself or give away as a treat to someone special

Monday, May 23, 2011

FLASH SALE @ sanctum

One Day Only!!
On Wednesday 25th May, we are offering 30 Minute Massages at the very special price of
only $30 each!
You'll be saving $15 per treatment and Health Fund Rebates will still apply for Remedial treatments.
Get in quick as numbers are very limited!
Call us now on 6333 8833 to make your booking.

Monday, May 9, 2011

stretching 1-0-1

Neck and shoulder pain is a common problem we see here at sanctum.
With our busy lives, our poor posture and the day to day stresses on our body, it’s really no wonder that we feel pain or tension in this area. 
Not accounting for neck injuries, degenerative  conditions or other mitigating factors, often it is the front of our body, our chest, that is causing the problem!
When our shoulders round forward, generally our neck sits forward as well, causing the load to strain the muscles of our shoulders. With our whole world being in ‘front’ of us, the muscles in our chest and upper arms grow stronger and tighter as we use our arms and pull on their opposing muscles in the back of the body. 
Stretching is a wonderfully simple way to ease some of the stress from our neck and shoulders. By releasing the tension in the  chest, the shoulders are allowed to sit further back, taking away the strain.
General rules for stretching are:
1.Hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds to allow for full muscle relaxation into the new ‘length’
2.Keep breathing!  So often we hold our breath when we are stretching, but the act of breathing steadily in and out actually assists in the stretch itself.
3.Take care not to stretch too strongly or you risk injury or ineffectiveness of the stretch - stretching is more about the time under tension for the muscle not how hard you stretch. If you are putting too much stress on the muscle, the receptors in the muscle and connective tissue won't allow the muscle to lengthen any further for fear of tearing or injury.
Below are two versions of the same stretch.  Try both to see which suits you better.

This is an easy stretch to do just about anywhere.
Grasping hold of a door frame, gently rotate your body away from your arm till you feel the pull of the stretch.
You can also adjust the angle of your arm from straight out,  to slightly higher at approx a 45 degree angle and slightly lower at approx a 15 degree angle.  These will work a range of muscles through both your chest and arms.
Try to repeat the stretches at least twice (though three times is better!).

This second stretch is a different version of above.
If you find that holding your arm outstretched is too much or that the stretches themselves feel too intense, then this is a slightly lower impact option.
It also works the muscles of the chest more directly than the above stretch as the arm muscles aren't necessarily affected.

None of us, for the most part, do enough stretching.  Generally, stretching is not the most exciting part of our day.  But if we can incorporate just a few stretches into our day, whenever you think of it, then the benefits can be very far reaching.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May promotion at sanctum

Mothers Day.
There is never a better time to let this special lady know just how much she is appreciated and loved.
Mothers are such a big part of our lives, but like a lot of things, they can be taken for granted.
Along with the biggest bunch of flowers you can find, and breakfast in bed (of course!) – treat her to a wonderful, pampering Treatment or a carefully chosen gift from one of our Retail lines.
How lovely would it be to be given the chance to take some well deserved time out and relax knowing that the next hour or so is just for you? 
So take a peek at our promotion for this month at sanctum for either your own Mum or as a handy hint for your family for the perfect Gift Idea.

Our May Promotion inlcudes:

45 Minute Massage Treatment
15 Minute Reflexology Treatment
30 Minute Aromatic Facial
our gift of a beautiful, hand folded Hideyo Origami Flower

(valued at over $130)
for only $110

Spoil or be spoiled this May