Monday, December 20, 2010

sanctum Christmas Hours

While Santa's Reindeers are working hard, sanctum will be closed between December 25th and January 3rd.
So we are definitely taking bookings right up to Christmas Eve and then are back on board from Tuesday 4th.
For any enquiries or urgent matters, the clinic landline will be forwarded to our mobile and we will be monitoring our emails regularly.
Thank you to everyone who has supported our little 'venture' and to every Client who has come to visit us in the few months we've been open.

Here's hoping you know who brings you lots of holiday cheer (and presents!).
Annie and the whole Team at sanctum would like to wish everyone the very best for the season and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year.  Here's to a Christmas full of love, laughter and a lot of icecream!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas has come to sanctum...

With only a few weeks to go, Christmas has made an appearance at sanctum.
We have restocked after the amazing sellout Niche market a few weekends ago and so there are some new candles and more fragrant reed diffusers in stock.
Our suppliers are having their own problems stocking the usual round frosted containers we use, and so we have taken the opportunity to try something new.
We have small 70g frosted tumbler candles in a variety of fragrances as well as these striking metallic 100g votives that will make any Christmas table look (and smell) amazing!
We mentioned a few posts ago about some new ceramic containers - these are the largest candles we have at present at 250g and we think they're looking pretty good!  These containers are a limited stock only as we can only get hold of a set amount, so get in while you can to nab one so these lovely candles.
We have created a special 'Christmas Section' in our reception for you to come and browse through for any of those last minute gift ideas.
Don't forget we still have plenty of options with our Gift Vouchers (see previous post here) with some great specials up for offer as well.
Happy Shopping from the team at sanctum!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product Focus - Mukti

When looking for the right product range, so many factors come into play.  It's not just the cost, but the range, the packaging and above all, for us anyway, the ingredients.
Mukti Botanicals fit the bill perfectly. 
From their ethical philosophy to their beautiful packaging.  Their ingredients and their commitment to the finest quality and freshest ingredients possible.  And they're Australian!!
The other thing we loved is the level of organic ingredients they use. 
The majority of their products are 90% organic.
Created in 2000 afer years of product testing, Mukti (mooktee - meaning Freedom and Liberation in sanskrit) was a response to the overwhleming lack of truly 'natural' and 'pure' products on the market.  Unfortunately, labelling laws in Australia mean that for a product to be labelled 'organic' you only need one organic ingredient out of potentially hundreds.  This also doesn't take into account the non-renewable resources that are utilised to make these so called 'natural' ranges and that often have unwanted side effects of sensitisation or irritation to the skin.
The other great thing about Mukti is the support and information availble to us through the team up in glorious Maleny, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
They were kind enough to put an entry for sanctum on their blog which was lovely to see!

We will start putting the focus on individual products in the future.  In the  meantime, see their website for more information or drop in and see us for a selection of their great range or a quick chat.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Promotions at sanctum

Getting into the festive spirit, we decided to do two promotions this December!
Our first promotion is for our beautiful Gift Vouchers.
With every two Gift Vouchers purchased at the same time, receive 20% off the lesser amount.
This goes for any of our services, and if you choose to place just an amount on the Voucher, then we will add on an extra 15 minutes treatment time!
For our second promotion we wanted to showcase our amazing Treatment Packages!
With every purchase of any of our Treatment Packages, receive your choice of a Free Gift!  Choose from a beautifully scented Soy Wax Candle or a hand made Goat Milk Soap bar!
 Also the chance to win a Years worth of Free Massage is still out there!  With every two people you refer to us (they must let us know), you get one entry into this incredible draw!
We have had a wonderful response to this offer and would love to see as many of you as possible get the chance to win a pretty amazing prize!  This draw ends on December 24th, so not long left!  The lucky winner will be announced early January.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What are you doing each day....?

Computer Neck.....Mouse Arm.....Drivers Shoulder.....La-Z-Boy Lumbar Pain.....
The list goes on and on.
90% of what we see here on our treatment table stems from something mundane.  If the cause cannot be tracked to an injury or pehaps a condition or disease, then the problem is almost always caused by something small we do each day that creates imbalance in the body.
For instance, do you sleep lying mostly on one side?
Do you drive a manual car?
Men, do you keep your wallet in your back hip pocket?
Women, do you carry your toddler on one hip most times?
None of these instances are big events.  Just small everyday things that accumulate into pain, stiffness and potential loss of mobility.
Can we do something about it?  You bet!!
Massage is a wonderful, and effective way to counteract these issues, as well as simply being aware of what you are doing to impact your body.
Come and see us or go to the website to see how we can help you get the most out of each day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

St Giles Niche Market followup...

I have had a few folks ask me how the recent Niche Market for St Giles went.
Well, I thought I would simply let the pictures tell the story.
We have been involved with this great local market since last year and will continue to be a part of it as long as we can.
This first picture is from just after setup - there is perhaps almost the same amount again in product ready to restock under the table.
This second picture is about 3 hours before the market finished on the second day.  There was one candle left and a handful of individual soy melts at the end of the day.
It was an amazing weekend with so much support and energy from the lovely locals who came to visit.
I am just sorry that I didn't get to do any Christmas shopping at all!
Now it's just a matter of having to make more to restock sanctum and to get ready for Christmas! 
It has been a challenge with our own suppliers being sold out during the Christmas rush.
We are trialling some new smaller frosted tumbler candles as well as a limited release ceramic range.  Will post pictures and more information soon.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

you're ok....I'm ok....we're all ok....

After being in this great industry for a while, you get to see patterns emerge.
I believe we are hard wired, in this day and age, to feel that to take care of ourselves somehow constitutes selfishness or vanity.
Often the people who need some care the most, are the ones who are constantly caring for others.  They get so busy looking after others, they forget, or don't feel entitled, to lend a helping hand the one person they spend the most time with....themselves.
I love to see when I finally get these folks on my treatment table and for the first time in a long time, they stop.  They breath and they relax. 
That's not to say that they don't fight me the whole way mind you!
Gift Voucher are a great way to make this happen for someone like this.  Usually they won't spend money on themselves so a family member or friend must do it for them.
We are getting better at feeling OK about looking after ourselves, but there is still some ingrained resistance out there.
I liken it to our cars, our computers, our ipods, our brand new Gucci bag - generally, we're going to care for these things and if something goes wrong, we take it to be fixed right away.
I figure that we deserve the same care and consideration!!
It's OK to look after yourself so you can get the most out of life.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

finding our 'niche'....

Over the weekend, sanctum was involved with the St Giles Niche market at Inveresk. 
Taking this opportunity to reach a large number of the public, we held a draw to win a 2 hour spa package.
With an amazing number of people keen to try their luck (we had over 130 entries!), there could only be one winner....
Congratulations Conny!!
Conny has been lucky to win the following treat:
Fragrant Foot Soak & Scrub
Himalayan Salt Back Exfoliation Treatment
60 Minute Massage
Aromatic Spa Facial
Conny had been notified and we look forward to performing her winning treatment soon.
Well done and thank you to all who entered.

welcome to sanctum

Welcome to the first sanctum post!
We are very excited to be able to create an online space that allows us to interact more personally with our Clients, Friends and Guests.
The sanctum blog will be the place for people to come to find out up to date information, news and promotions.
Keep an eye on our Monthly Specials for some great Christmas Gift Ideas and don't forget our newly online website for more information on our services.
The Team at sanctum would like to take this opportunity to give our deepest thanks for the amazing support and incredible enthusiasm we have received for this venture from all those around us.  It has helped us to create the space we wanted and to get a great start on building our business.  Thank You!