Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product Focus - Mukti

When looking for the right product range, so many factors come into play.  It's not just the cost, but the range, the packaging and above all, for us anyway, the ingredients.
Mukti Botanicals fit the bill perfectly. 
From their ethical philosophy to their beautiful packaging.  Their ingredients and their commitment to the finest quality and freshest ingredients possible.  And they're Australian!!
The other thing we loved is the level of organic ingredients they use. 
The majority of their products are 90% organic.
Created in 2000 afer years of product testing, Mukti (mooktee - meaning Freedom and Liberation in sanskrit) was a response to the overwhleming lack of truly 'natural' and 'pure' products on the market.  Unfortunately, labelling laws in Australia mean that for a product to be labelled 'organic' you only need one organic ingredient out of potentially hundreds.  This also doesn't take into account the non-renewable resources that are utilised to make these so called 'natural' ranges and that often have unwanted side effects of sensitisation or irritation to the skin.
The other great thing about Mukti is the support and information availble to us through the team up in glorious Maleny, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
They were kind enough to put an entry for sanctum on their blog which was lovely to see!

We will start putting the focus on individual products in the future.  In the  meantime, see their website for more information or drop in and see us for a selection of their great range or a quick chat.

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  1. hmmm sounds wonderful Annie. I've never been really into products, but lately I've noticed my skin hasn't been bouncing back so well from injuries. I've decided I should probably start taking better care of my skin. I was looking for something organic so thanks for this timely post. it's good to get a recommendation in a saturated market from someone who i reckon knows what they are talking about! x