Monday, March 28, 2011

April Promotion at sanctum

We all know how tempting, delicious and aromatic this amazing treat can be, but did you know how wonderful it can be for your skin?
The love of Chocolate has a long history.  With it's beginnings in South America with the Mayan Indians, the Inca's of Peru and the Aztecs of Mexico - trade of this valuable bean flourished so much so, that it became a unit of currency.  A pumpkin cost about four cocoa nibs while a 'tolerably good' slave cost up to one hundred!!

Good quality Chocolate is rich in antioxdants (comparable to that of Green Tea) that helps our skin renew and repair cellular damage.
It helps to soften skin due to the rich effects of Cocoa Butter and Chocolate can aid in smoothing and exfoliating the skin as well as softening the signs of ageing. But most importantly, it smells so good!!
This effects the ‘feel good’ centres of the brain leaving you feeling as good on the inside as your do on the outside.
All of this without having to hit the Gym!
To take advantage of Easter and to celebrate all that is Chocolate, we are offering this devilishly, delicious package:  

sanctum Nourishing Chocolate Wrap
Full Body Exfoliation - using purifying Himalayan Salt
Full Body Chocolate Wrap - our wrap has been made in house using the finest quality Chocolate, luscious oils of Macadamia, Sweet Almond and Vitamin E and clarifying Clays of Rhassoul and Kaolin
Facial Massage & Hot Towel Facial Treatment - perfect to help you drift off into bliss!
And to finish, a luxurious Moisturiser - scented with rich coconut


Try this 50 Minute Package for the once only price of

(Treatments available from 13th April onwards)

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