Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This time around we were keen to play with the beverage side of things.
We've been getting such great feedback from our posts with recipes - we thought...let's play with something new!
These are two of our new favourites with the cider being one we'll keep in mind as the weather conitues to cool.
Fresh mint out of our garden went especially well with the ginger ale too.

Ginger Ale
* 1/4 cup Ginger Juice (wash and peel fresh ginger then grate as finely as possible.  Wrap in cheesecloth and squeeze out fresh juice)  * 1 apple juice (we used Spreytons 100% Apple Juice)  * 1/4 cup lemon juice  * 1/4 cup honey or agave liquid  * 1 lt sparkling mineral water  * fresh mint (optional)  * fresh lemon sliced (optional)

Add all juices and honey/agave together in a screw top jar - shake well.
Fill glasses to approx half full (amend for personal taste)
Top with mineral water with mint and slice of lemon

Apple Cider
* 2 cups apple juice (we used Spreytons 100% Apple Juice)  * 1/4 cup honey or agave liquid  * 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar  * 1 tsp cinnamon  * 1/4 tsp nutmeg  * pinch cayenne pepper

Blend all ingredients together
Store in sealable bottle
Serve chilled over ice or warm slightly

What we loved: the really fresh taste of both these drinks - though we caution anyone daring to drink the raw ginger juice neat (whew!!!)
How helpful both drinks were for both before and after meals - great for digestion!
How the spices really came out in the Cider when warmed

What we didn't love as much: next time we might use a little less nutmeg in the cider - but that's simply a person preference

Recipes courtesy of Everyday Raw Express by Mathew Kenney

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