Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pure Oxygen Treatment feedback @ sanctum

We've just had some very exciting feedback from one of our lovely Clients.
This lovely Client was one of the first to try our new Pure Oxygen Therapy treatments when we began offering them last week.
Her skin was severely congested, to the point where her doctor has put her onto antibiotics!  When she came in it was red, raised and very 'angry' looking.
While her skin looked fresh and revitalised after the oxygen treatment that day - the congestion was still very evident.  With the beautiful vitamins and minerals and pure oxygen being infused into the skin - we knew that they would have a great boost in healing.
When this same Client came in a few days ago for a Massage Treatment with our Work Experience Therapist (less than a week later) - we were completely overwhelmed with the change in her skin!
Even without makeup, her congestion had healed and was looking almost completely resolved!  Beautiful skin was showing through.
Needless to say, it was difficult to say who was more excited, the Client or us!!
How very exciting to have a treatment that offers amazing results with pure, holistic products.
See here for more information.

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