Sunday, April 15, 2012

now in stock at sanctum

sanctum is happy to be able to offer our Clients and ever growing range of products in store.
As you know, we are a little picky with what we stock:
  • the company must be Australian
  • the products must be naturally derived
  • the products must perform
  • and, very importantly, the products must smell divine!!!
Absolutely Gorgeous is a range from Victoria. 
Founded by Cristina Masci after working in the beauty industry and seeing just how many of her Clients were struggling with sensitive skin.  She found that a lot of 'natural' products were filled with chemicals that were causing reactions.

Cristina created a range free of harsh, synthetic ingredients that doesn't compromise on results. 
sanctum  is currently stocking a selection of this range.  From the luscious Coconut and Lime Body Custard and Body Scrub to the delectable Lavender and Mandarin Hand and Nail Cream and soothing Bath Milk.  Mmmmm.....

Hahana as some of you may already be aware, is the company that our Hot Stone Therapy comes from - they have restocked their rich, organic Coconut Massage Oil and are now offering take home sizes as well.
Coconut Oil is incredibly rich and nourishing for our skin.  It won't clog or encourage oiliness, but it softens and soothes - perfect for our cooler climate in Tasmania.
We have brought it on board to offer to our Clients suffering dry, itchy skin - you can upgrade to this beautiful oil, during your Massage treatment for a full body treat (a perfect pairing with an exfoliating dry body brushing treatment as with our current promotion!) and then take some home with you to nourish your skin between treatments.
Even better, it smells delicious with essential oils of Peru Balsam and Ylang Ylang - which give this oil a toasted, coconutty fragrance that you'll quickly become addicted to!!

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