Friday, March 30, 2012

What's in store for you at sanctum....

From April 3rd, sanctum will be very proud to exclusively offer our Clients one of the most intensive and complete treatments for beautiful, radiant skin.
EHCO2 is the world's first patented system for nutritional skin oxygenation.  Originally developed for the treatment of burns, this system was researched in US hospitals for over 10 years before being launched into the Wellness Industry in 1996.
Australian Company, Heritage Healers, first launched ECHO2 Oxygen Therapy into Australia in 1998 and it has remained one of their staple treatments to offer Clients and Salons alike.
ECHO2 is FDA approved and works to: improve cellular energy metabolism (cell function), rehydrate and renew skin cells, stimulate collagen formation and eliminate bacteria that can cause Acne.
How does it work?
Simply put, this system works in four main ways.
1. Relax & De-stress - stress is a key factor in healthy cell function.  As with the body overall, stress can impair the optimal function of cells.  By using personalised Flower Essences and Essential Oil blends to begin the treatment, we help to de-stress and unwind our Client from their day to day lives
2. Epidermal Diffusion - through the use of exfoliating enzymes, cleansing solutions and 'hygroscopic' (capable of absorbing moisture from the air) enzymes, we create an extremely clean skin surface - as this surface is saturated with pure oxygen, a natural process of diffusion occurs, delivering the pure oxygen and the essential nutrients directly into the epidermis.  The result?  An instant healthy glow and immediate hydration - effects you can see immediately after the treatment!
3. Pore by Pore Oxygenation - during the oxygenation phase of the treatment, we saturate the skin pore by pore, delivering the oxygen and nutrients deep in to the skin to the underlying layers.  The oxygen and nutrients boost the metabolism of each cell, restoring good health and energy to previously tired and starving cells.  This process can take 24 to 48 hours to peak, meaning your results can appear better the day after your treatment!  Perfect for special occasions such as Wedding Days and Formals!
4. Collagen Formation - collagen gives our skins its tone and strength - it is a decrease in the strength of the collagen structure that results in visible ageing.  Collagen formation is a complicated multi-step process, the first of which requires oxygen.  During the treatment, we supply an abundance of essential oxygen to the dermis, providing the ideal environment for the key step in collagen production to take place - rebuilding the skin from the inside out!
The bottom line?
Through the Pure Oxygen treatment, we safely deliver oxygen as a nutrient (not a radical) to promote beautiful, healthy skin.  We deliver the results, you reap the benefits!

For more information or to make an appointment, contact sanctum here on or 6333 8833 now!

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