Thursday, March 1, 2012

Prenatal Treatments at sanctum

All of sanctum's Therapists spent a weekend in Hobart at a certified course for Pregnancy Massage recently - upgrading our skills and knowledge to ensure we give our Clients the best possible care.
We left Launceston at 5.30am and didn't return till 8pm the following day!  Whew!
Very intense, but very worthwhile - we now have some great new tricks to help out our Mums-to-be with any aches and pains throughout their pregnancy.
It also really highlighted the need to ensure that Therapists are thoroughly trained and qualified.  This course covered the current treatment protocols for treating pregnant Women throughout the three trimesters, dispelled some long held myths and showcased some common mistakes.
Basic training in Relaxation or Swedish Massage is not enough to ensure a safe and effective treatment for pregnant Women and even most Diploma' tend not go into any depth on this subject - a three hour lecture cannot give a Therapist the skills (or confidence) to perform the best treatment.
Ask about training, qualifications and experience when looking for your Therapist.  Our Mums need to feel completely confident and comfortable.
sanctum now offers treatments throughout all three trimesters - always determined by the health of Mum and Bub. 
After a detailed consultation, our Therapists can determine the best route to treat any presenting concerns from lower back pain, stiffness through the hips, sciatic pain and neck and shoulder issues.  Even swelling of the legs, poor circulation and emotional stress can be relieved through the use of Massage Therapy.
Something we all got from the course was that a relaxed, calm Mother can make for an easier more enjoyable pregnancy and birth - anxiety is not conducive to the health of either Mother or Baby.
We can also offer advice for partners in regards to massage throughout the pregnancy and labour.
For more information or to make a booking - contact us now and see how sanctum can make this pregnancy as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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