Monday, January 31, 2011

February Promotion at sanctum

February is one of our favourite months here at sanctum, and for good reason....
Valentines Day!!
What a great excuse to show the ones you love just how special they are to you.  Plus there's chocolate... never a bad thing!
Since we have such a great reason for a promotion we've decided to offer not just a great treatment special, but also a lovely little extra gift to go along with it.

We've cheekily titled this months promotion:
Hunny Bee Mine!
30 Minute Massage
30 Minute Aromatic Facial
140g Organic Honey Goat Milk Soap Bar

This beautiful soap has been handmade with fragrant organic honey for the 'sweet', ground cinnamon for the 'spice' and a splash of rich vanilla in a perfect marriage of fragrance that is sure to make your next bath time one to remember!
The soap will come complete in a ribboned gift box ready to delight whoever is tugging at your heartstrings.
All this for only $85!
Even though this is really aimed at Valentines Day, we will run this offer through all of February.  But we recommend you get in quick for the most Brownie Points!!

**Due to a recent family diagnosis, we are donating 10% off all takings for this promotion to the Leukaemia Foundation**

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Product Focus - Mukti Nourishing Facial Creme

Firstly, congratulations go to our skin care supplier Mukti for their nomination in the prestigous AsiaSpa awards for Natural Product of the Year 2010!!
These awards are a highly sought after benchmark for international spa's and product manufacturers, so we hope that the folks at Mukti are suitably proud of this achievement.
We are also pleased to announce that Mukti has improved their already fantastic Nourishing Facial Creme by adding even more ingredients our skin is going to love!
This rich, luxurious creme is recommended for skin that can experience chronic dryness or dullness.  It encourages natural hydration of the surface skin layers and can help protect against the elements.
With a light, creamy texture, the Nourishing Creme can also be used as a base for makeup application and is suitable for everyday use.
It's key ingredients include:
Aloe Vera
Macadamia Nut Oil
Shea Nut Butter
Carrot Seed
Giving the creme it's heady, floral aroma are the divine essentials oils of:
Rose Absolute
The two new additions are Kakadu Plum (an indigineous Australian plant with the highest available Vitamin C of any fruit) and Pomegranate (a powerful antioxidant that helps to encourage skin elasticity and moisture).
The team at sanctum are looking forward to trying out the new and improved creme soon!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Design Centre Makers' Market @ Festivale

Coming up in early February is the wonderful Festivale (11th-13th) at City Park here in Launceston. 
It's a great showcase for the best of Tasmanian Food and Wine.

During Festivale, the Design Centre is also holding a Makers' Market with a selection of local Artisans and Crafty people in the courtyard behind the centre.
Our in house range, red bamboo has been lucky to recieve an invitation to be involved.
As well as some wonderful hand made bargains to snatch up, there will be plenty of ideas for gifts or perhaps a very special Valentines Day present.
For more information contact the Design Centre or Joanna here.
The talent line up is as follows:
Brown Owls - c/o Georgia Smith facebook
Isis St Pierre
Joanna Gair Paper
My Mother
Paris + Tasmania & Minor Marvels
Rebecca Roth
Ruby Victoria Letterpress-

Design Centre Makers' Market
Sautrday 12th February
11am - 4pm
Design Centre Courtyard

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Upcoming Closed Dates

With Australia Day coming up, as well as outside teaching commitments, sanctum will be closed Tuesday 25th, Wendesday 26th and will reopen as of Thursday 27th at 12 noon.
Our landline will be forwarded and we will be monitoring our emails, so please feel free to get in touch with us should you need.
Wishing everyone a great Australia Day celebration with family and friends.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tips to beat stress....

Reading our copy of the latest Spa Life Magazine, we came across this article with some great tips on how to 'beat stress'.
"Stress is defined as a response to a demand we are experiencing"
This can become a problem when; you find you are feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time; you spend most of your time trying to please other people and struggle with saying the word 'no'; you begin to overreact to small issues; your health and your family are suffering.
Read on for a few helpful tips, from Dr Cate Howell and Dr Michelle Murpy, to start the new year with.
Relaxation - Relaxation means different things to different people.  Relaxation can include slow breathing techniques or meditation, or active relaxation such as sport or exercise.  Think about what you find relaxing and build it into your day.  Some people relax by reading, having a massage or a hot bath, engaging in a hobby or getting in touch with nature by taking a walk in the park.
Do things you Value - We live in complex times and lead increasingly busy and demanding lives.  We want more and more, but know we can't have it all, at least not all at the same time!  With so much competing for our attention, we need to have clear priorities to be able to choose how we spend our precious time and energy.  What have been the most rewarding parts of your life so far?  What has brought you joy?  What has inspired you and what gives you meaning?  The answers to these questions should lead you to understand what you value the most.  If you prioritise these areas, you may feel less stressed as you are no longer spreading yourself too thin.
Connect with Family and Friends - Good social support can be a geat buffer against stress, so surround yourself with people who know how to relaxe and have fun.
Be in the Moment - A new movement known as 'mindfulness' emphasises the importance of being fully present at any given moment.  By fully engaging in the present, you are less likely to worry about the past or future.  You can also decrease your stress levels by choosing to take action in the present moment.  You have less control over the past of the future.
Use Humour - Simple ways to destress using humour include; watching a favourite comedy show, listening to what little kids say and trying to see the funny side of a situation.
Aim for a Health Lifestyle - Eating healthy foods and getting adequate sleep and regular exercise all assist in helping you cope with daily stressors.
Challenge your Negative Thoughts - Most people have automatic thinking habits that can be unhelpful - habits such as 'all or nothing' thinking, eg 'If I don't get full marks in this test, I'm a failure'.  You need to substitute these unhelpful thinking patterns with more helpful and realistic thoughts such as; 'I am an intelligent and valuable person, regardless of my test mark'.
Learn to say No - We often worry that people will not like us, or approve of us, if we don't agree to do what they want.  It's okay to say no, or to decline invitiations to do things for others that will be at the expense of yourself.  Most people will appreciate your clear boundaries and honesty.
Prioritise Yourself - You won't be of use to anyone if you're so stressed that you burn out.  Prioritise your own self-care to ensure you are able to take care of your loved ones.
Self Compassion - Take comfort in the knowledge that everyone feels stressed at some time and we are all in this together.  If you compare yourself to others and find yourself lacking, remember that you are not necessarily privy to the whole picture.  It is important to be kind and encouraging to yourself for all your efforts, regardless of the outcome.
We hope you found some helpful ideas to incorporate into your own life.
The seemingly simple act of making an appointment for a massage or a facial, is a major step in combating stress.  You are choosing to make time for yourself, no one else, and to replenish your own energy before helping others.
Contact us for more information on how we can help you create less stress and more balance in your life!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Promotion at sanctum

After some heavy New Years Eve celebrating, be sure to grab one of our:
New Year Recovery’ Packages!
With both Christmas and New Years over for 2010, we are now looking at 2011 and what we might want from this year.  If you are like most of us, you have probably got some New Years Resolutions floating around somewhere.
To help kickstart the new year (and more than a few Resolutions) we decided to offer this great value treatment package to our Clients. 
This is a great offer for anyone starting a fitness regime or simply wanting to get back into a healthier space.
So if you're feeling a little like this.....

And are concerned about your health and perhaps still feeling a little over stuffed with Christmas Dinner, then this package is for you.
The New Year Recovery’ Package includes:
3 x 60 Minute Remedial Massage Treatments plus,
125g Aromatic Bath Salts to detoxify and nourish at home
For only $195
(usually valued at over $230!)
 Massage is not only good for tension in muscles and joints, it also works our lymphatic system (a filtering system for the body).  This means it can really assist with detoxification as well as diet and exercise programs.  The Remedial Massages can be swapped for a Manual Lympatic Drainage Massage or you can even do half Remedial and half Reflexology if you prefer.  All with Health Fund Rebate availability.
MLD is a specific technique aimed and improving sluggish lymphatic flow - aiding in toxin removal, fluid retention, low energy levels and general wellbeing.
The Massages are to be taken within a four week period, are non transferrable and are not in conjunction with our Rebooking Card system.  Think of this package as an intensive course of treatments aimed at really getting your system moving!
The Aromatic Bath Salts, made by our inhouse range red bamboo, is a blend of sea salt, purifying clays and essentials oils such as: lavender (detoxifying, restorative), frankincense (digestive aid, tonifying), sweet fennel (purifying, detoxifying) and lemon myrtle (decongestant, purifying).  Great for a detoxifying soak in the tub or even a simply foot bath.  This is quite a stimulating blend, so caution needs to be taken with any skin sensitivities, pregnancy or epilepsy sufferers.  A patch test with any new product is always recommended.
With sanctum's help, you can be well on your way to the healthiest year ever!!

Offer ends 31st January, so be quick!


Just a quick post to announce the lucky winner of our 'Win Free Massages for a Year' opening promotion.
This promotion ran from our opening day through till the end of December and we asked folks for referrals of new clients to sanctum.  With every two new clients who came in, an entry was put into a draw.
Using an online random number selector the lucky winner was chosen.
So congratulations go to Karen Magnotta!!
Karen did an amazing job of referring people to us and we are truly happy to be able to repay her support.   Karen has been notified of her winnings and we look forward to booking her in for the first of many appointments!
Thank you to everyone who also supported us in this promotion - it was truly appreciated!