Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Promotion at sanctum

After some heavy New Years Eve celebrating, be sure to grab one of our:
New Year Recovery’ Packages!
With both Christmas and New Years over for 2010, we are now looking at 2011 and what we might want from this year.  If you are like most of us, you have probably got some New Years Resolutions floating around somewhere.
To help kickstart the new year (and more than a few Resolutions) we decided to offer this great value treatment package to our Clients. 
This is a great offer for anyone starting a fitness regime or simply wanting to get back into a healthier space.
So if you're feeling a little like this.....

And are concerned about your health and perhaps still feeling a little over stuffed with Christmas Dinner, then this package is for you.
The New Year Recovery’ Package includes:
3 x 60 Minute Remedial Massage Treatments plus,
125g Aromatic Bath Salts to detoxify and nourish at home
For only $195
(usually valued at over $230!)
 Massage is not only good for tension in muscles and joints, it also works our lymphatic system (a filtering system for the body).  This means it can really assist with detoxification as well as diet and exercise programs.  The Remedial Massages can be swapped for a Manual Lympatic Drainage Massage or you can even do half Remedial and half Reflexology if you prefer.  All with Health Fund Rebate availability.
MLD is a specific technique aimed and improving sluggish lymphatic flow - aiding in toxin removal, fluid retention, low energy levels and general wellbeing.
The Massages are to be taken within a four week period, are non transferrable and are not in conjunction with our Rebooking Card system.  Think of this package as an intensive course of treatments aimed at really getting your system moving!
The Aromatic Bath Salts, made by our inhouse range red bamboo, is a blend of sea salt, purifying clays and essentials oils such as: lavender (detoxifying, restorative), frankincense (digestive aid, tonifying), sweet fennel (purifying, detoxifying) and lemon myrtle (decongestant, purifying).  Great for a detoxifying soak in the tub or even a simply foot bath.  This is quite a stimulating blend, so caution needs to be taken with any skin sensitivities, pregnancy or epilepsy sufferers.  A patch test with any new product is always recommended.
With sanctum's help, you can be well on your way to the healthiest year ever!!

Offer ends 31st January, so be quick!

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