Thursday, January 27, 2011

Product Focus - Mukti Nourishing Facial Creme

Firstly, congratulations go to our skin care supplier Mukti for their nomination in the prestigous AsiaSpa awards for Natural Product of the Year 2010!!
These awards are a highly sought after benchmark for international spa's and product manufacturers, so we hope that the folks at Mukti are suitably proud of this achievement.
We are also pleased to announce that Mukti has improved their already fantastic Nourishing Facial Creme by adding even more ingredients our skin is going to love!
This rich, luxurious creme is recommended for skin that can experience chronic dryness or dullness.  It encourages natural hydration of the surface skin layers and can help protect against the elements.
With a light, creamy texture, the Nourishing Creme can also be used as a base for makeup application and is suitable for everyday use.
It's key ingredients include:
Aloe Vera
Macadamia Nut Oil
Shea Nut Butter
Carrot Seed
Giving the creme it's heady, floral aroma are the divine essentials oils of:
Rose Absolute
The two new additions are Kakadu Plum (an indigineous Australian plant with the highest available Vitamin C of any fruit) and Pomegranate (a powerful antioxidant that helps to encourage skin elasticity and moisture).
The team at sanctum are looking forward to trying out the new and improved creme soon!

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