Sunday, September 25, 2011

Therapist Clinic - Aromatherapy

Sandra Cahill is a local Therapist who is looking to complete her qualifications in Aromatherapy.  To do so, she needs to fulfil a certain amount of Clinic Hours in order to be signed off.  Here at sanctum that's just what we are trying to help her achieve.
We love our industry - and because we do, we look for ways to give back to it in some way.  One big way we do this is with training.  Training means that we are giving our Therapists the best chance to grow and improve their skills (and careers) and our Clients benefit as well, by being cared for by passionate, skilled and knowlegeable Therapists.
Sandra wasn't known to us before she asked for our help with her Clinic Hours - but we saw an opportunity to help someone in our industry get a foot in the door.
Sandra's challenge was finding a clinic that could take on a student as well as employ another Therapist with Aromatherapy Qualifications.
Luckily, she found us!
Over the next few months we will be offering a truly great value deal with Sandra.
If you have ever wondered about Aromatherapy - a term that is thrown about quite readily nowdays - then this is the best opportunity that you will ever get to experience this holistic therapy.
For only $25 you will receive:
A 15 minute Client Consultation
A 60 minute Full Body Aromatherapy Massage Treatment
A personalised blend of Essential Oils to take home

Help us help Sandra onto the next stage of her career!
Call now on 6333 8833 or email us here, to make an appointment or for more information on dates and times.

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