Thursday, September 8, 2011

Product Focus - Husk

Husk has been a favourite for us since way back in 2005. 
While building a Day Spa for Fernwood Womens Health Club just outside of Brisbane, we brought this range of tea's and homewares on board in the retail section.  So when we were creating sanctum and were looking at the ranges we'd like to sell, we knew just where to start!
Husk is an Australian Company based in Melbourne. 
They are quite well known for their stunning shopfronts (like here and here) and earthy, eco-savvy ranges of clothing and homewares.
At sanctum we chose to stock their lovely range of herbal teas (which we offer each Client after their treatments with us) and a selection of their hand turned ceramics.
Our current selection of tea includes:
lemon scented tea tree with hawthorn berries - fresh, uplifting and very tasty!
liquorice, peppermint and chamomile - bright, easy on the tummy and with just a hint of sweetness thanks to the liquorice
lavender, chamomile and hawthorn berries - relaxing, soothing and just right for before bed time for a great nights sleep
cinnamon, cloves, lychee berries, cardamon, ginger, purple marshmallow flowers and lemon balm - lots to love in this warming, herbaceous blend - great hot or cold
Green Lapacho
a smooth blend of green tea with a hint of vanilla
These are available in either a 50g tea box or a herbal tea multipack that is great value with five different teas plus an infuser.
To make tea time even better we also have available a selection of beautiful tea pots and tea cups.  These are made by a ceramicist for Husk and are truly beautiful to look and and to use.
So think of Husk, next time you are thinking of your next 'cuppa' or visiting us here at sanctum.

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