Thursday, June 2, 2011

feeling parched.....

For the most part, we don't tend to think of our skin as getting 'thirsty'.
It does - and this dryness can cause challenges for the long term health of our skin.
As the temperatures start cooling down for Winter, the air itself is less able to hold onto moisture, so why would our skin be any different?
We are born with a natural skin 'barrier' (acid mantle) that helps lock in moisture, but this barrier suffers in cold, dry environments and this can effect the cells and the integrity of the skin.  This can lead to outside irritants and allergens finding their way in and leading to even further breaking down of this protective barrier.
Other factors that can effect this barrier can be: people on low cholesterol diets (the skin needs cholesterol to help form the barrier), foaming cleansers/bubble baths/harsh commmercial soaps (as they can strip away the barrier exposing the skin to harmful pathogens), exposure to heavily chlorinated water and lack of balance or sufficient water in the diet.
Along with the right diet and supplements for your body, a tailored skin regime and a good moisturiser can do wonders.
The right moisturiser for your skin can help rebalance and replenish the skin - renewing and repairing.
Ingredients to look out for when buying moisturiers for dry skin are a mix of two groups of ingredients - Humectants and Occlusives.
Humectants (like Glycerin, Shea Butter, AHA's and BHA's) work by acting like sponges and attracting water into themselves.  Great in humid climates where they can plump out the skin.  In dryer climates, however, they can actually draw moisture from the skin, not to it.  This is where Occlusives come into play.
Occlusives such as Evening Primrose Oil and Jojoba Oil, are oily substances that prevent water from evaporating.  Blending these together gives your skin the water drawing and holding properties it needs.
The Mukti range has a moisturiser to suit most skins along with serums and antioxidant oils to help 'boost' the moisturiser through the cooler months.
For your body, to help deal with irritated, dry and itchy skin, sanctum has a range of full body treatments to help.  From the purifying and healing Dead Sea Mud to the soothing and nourishing Cherry Rose or Ginger Guava Moisturising Body Wraps ($105) - or even the Himalayan Salt Body Exfoliation ($45) -  there is sure to be one just right for you.
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