Sunday, June 26, 2011

don't be 'SAD'...

S.A.D or 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' is a recognised disorder that affects people during seasons where their exposure to UV light is severely impaired and the temperatures drop.
US statistics show that at least 5% of people suffer from this disorder, though these numbers could be as high as 20%! 
Women are 4 times as more likely to suffer as men with symptoms such as:
fatigue, irritability, depression, poor attention span, body aches, overeating, consequent weight gain and crying spells.
Treatments include:
Exposure to light - UV light allows Vitamin D to be synthesised in the body, when it comes into contact with our skin.
Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to Osteoporosis, Diabetes, HI Blood Pressure, Stroke, Depression, Muscle Atrophy and Gum Disease.  Vitamin D is essential for our body's absorbtion of Calcium. 
Change of location - try not to get in the habit of 'hiding' in just one or two warm rooms at home.  This is easy to fall into with less than optimal weather that can run for weeks at a time.  Changing locations usually means that you will leave the house, get some fresh air and perhaps even some sunlight (if you're lucky!).  This can help stem the feeling of being 'locked away' during the Winter months.
Stimulating Company - Go for that coffee with a friend;  meet for playgroup in the park; encourage dinner dates with friends and family.
It can feel so much more difficult to 'get around' to doing these social activities when the light has gone at 5 o'clock at night!  Make the extra will be worth it!
Vitamin and Mineral Supplements - the obvious choice is Vitamin D, but Vitamin C and the B Complex can also be helpful.  Calcium and Magnesium Mineral supplements can also help reduce symptoms.  Having said this, the best recommendation we can make is to have a professional Naturopath advise you on the best supplements for you.

sanctum can help by offering most of these options in just a single visit!
Miserable, rainy days are perfect days for getting out of the house and enjoying a massage (especially a Hot Stone Treatment!), a facial, or a treat for your feet with Reflexology.
Our new Therapist, Jess, is a qualified Naturopath and can offer professional advice on Diet and Supplements.
Even just savouring a beautiful, herbal tea at the end of your treatment can go a long way in staving off the Winter Blues!
Call now, on 6333 8833 to make a booking or for more information.

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