Sunday, February 6, 2011

Product Focus - red bamboo Pure Soy Candles

Our inhouse product range, red bamboo, has a great range of pure Soy Wax candles for you to enjoy.
Why Soy Wax?
Soy is a sustainable, renewable resource.  It is not petroleum based (unlike cheaper paraffin wax) and so does not release chemicals into the air when burnt or increase CO2 levels.  Paraffin is believed to release toxins went burnt, including some that are noted carcinogens.  Some researchers compare fumes from burning a paraffin candle to that of burning diesel fuel! - believing many of the same toxins are released into the atmosphere.
Soy wax produces less black soot than paraffin wax (some studies claim up to between 50-90% less!) and is also an easy wax to clean up after any spills.  Our resident candle maker says that this has saved her more than once!
Another great thing about Soy is that, for such a soft wax, it generally has a long burn time - meaning you get to enjoy your candle for longer.
This wax is a relatively recent invention.  In the early 90's, people were looking for a natural, cheaper alternative to Beeswax.  A gentleman by the name of Michael Richards, created the first Soy Wax in 1992.  The first commercial release of Soy Candles to the general public was only in 1995 through the skin care chain, The Body Shop.
red bamboo has full range of colours, containers and fragrances on offer and are happy to create custom candles - tailor making candles, tealights and fragrant melts to suit any mood or space.
red bamboo also offers a 'refill' service - once you burn your candle fully, wash the container, return and it can be refilled in your choice of fragrance and colour - saving you money and the environment - don't waste your lovely containers!  Alternately, if you have empty containers at home, even tea cups or vases, red bamboo is happy to take on the challenge of filling these unusual containers as well.
Next time you are in sanctum, be sure to check out the range available and chat to us about any custom orders.

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