Friday, October 12, 2012

joyeux anniversairre!

Happy 2nd Birthday sanctum!
We are thrilled to not only still have our doors open, but to actually be growing and evolving as well!
We introduce our new, revamped Service Menu and Website, our new Skin Care line and our new Appointment software!
We've managed to combine three of the biggest things a business in our industry can do, short of moving premises, all together!!
From October 2nd, our new menu rolls out.  Teaming our most popular treatments from the past two years with lots of new Treatments and Services to meet our Clients needs.  With increased overheads, we have needed to increase our prices, but as minimally as possible.  Most affected are the labour and product intensive treatments such as our Hot Stone Therapy and our Aromatic Spa Facials.
However, as a 'settling in' period offer, you can still enjoy our most popular treatments at the 'old menu' prices for this month only.
Massage Therapy
30 Minutes $45    60 Minutes $75    90 Minutes $105
Hot Stone Therapy (indluding our new Circulation Booster Treatment)
30 Minutes $55    60 Minutes $85    90 Minutes $115
Aromatic Spa Facials
30 Minutes $45    60 Minutes $75

Valid Gift Vouchers and Bookings made prior to October will remain at the old prices.  Expired Gift Vouchers may incure a small charge to cover any price differences.  But please come and talk to us first with any questions!

Come and help celebrate the (2 year) old with the new at sanctum today!

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