Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Menu on the way!

With the introduction of our now popular, Pure Oxygen Therapy as well as Waxing and Tinting Treatments, we are in need of an updated Menu and Brochure. It's been almost two years since we opened now with our current one.
Due out at the end of this month (we hope!), we’ll have our new Treatments and more to offer you. Our ‘skin’ treatment range is expanding and we are rethinking our Spa Packages as well, to take advantage of what we’ve seen as our bestselling treatment combinations.
We would also like to let everyone know early on, that due to increased costs for us, our prices will be increasing to allow us to continue offering the experiences and service we believe you deserve.
As a gesture of good will, we will certainly honour the value of any Package or Voucher purchased before the new menu becomes active. For Gift Vouchers that have expired, there
may be an additional fee to meet the gap – but please come and talk to us beforehand!
We will be as flexible as possible.
For our very regular Clients, we would recommend that you purchase a pack of your usual treatments before the price increase – that way you can enjoy your Treatments at the lower prices for a little longer.
As always, any questions, do let us know.


Hot Stone Facials!
High Peformance Ampoule Therapy!
Intensive Hydrating Heated Hand & Foot Therapy!
And More.......

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