Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'hair' today....gone tomorrow....

With Lel, our Beauty and Massage Therapist, settling in well and already creating her own loyal Clientele - we are very excited to be introducing full Waxing and Tinting Treatments here at sanctum
Lel's background is predominantly Beauty Therapy and so as well as being our skin specialist, Lel is incredibly passionate about Waxing.
'Passion' being a buzz word for us here at sanctum, it was this that convinced us to begin offering our Clients this range of services.
With her training having been overseas, Lel has a unique style of Waxing that offers immediate results with a miminum of discomfort and those nasty ingrown hairs.
As of June, we will now offer waxing and tinting services for both Men and Women.
For full treatment and pricing information, please see in-store while we are in the process of updating our Website.

To help celebrate the latest addition to our Menu, we are offering all our Clients 15% off any full price Waxing or Tinting Treatment throughout June
See in-store for more information or to make your appointment

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