Friday, January 20, 2012

Product Focus - Inner Earth Soaps

Winter Woods on Timber Soap Rack - delicious aroma of Balsam Pine and Cranberry
We were very excited to receive our order from the lovely Erin from Inner Earth Soaps yesterday.
We met Erin through the wonderful universe of the soap blogs before she took the big step of going full time with her soap making - and we're really glad that she did!
With time being a challenge, we've not been able to keep up with demand for our own range of Olive Oil Soaps - and not wanting just any soaps in sanctum, it was an easy choice to bring on board Erin's great range of hand made soaps.
Pomegranate; Orange Clove and; Jasmine Soap Bars
We chose 6 different soap bars this time around, each with it's own distinctive colour and fragrance - we think they look great and hope your Cients and Visitors will too.
Being mainly based on Olive and Coconut Oils - these soaps are gentle on the skin and last well, provided they can drain and dry well between uses.
sanctum already smells wondeful just by having them in the store!
Winter Woods; Sandalwood Vanilla and; Kakadu Soap Bars

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  1. I'm glad you like them Annie, and I hope your customers do too! xx