Friday, August 5, 2011

Product Focus - Fragrant Soy Melts

These little Melts are a wonderfully easy way to send fragrance through a space.
Made from pure soy wax and the highest quality fragrances, our Melts average 20 hours each of fragrance time and so are extremely economical.
We use them here at sanctum to fragrance our treatment rooms as they are so easy to setup and forget about.
To use, simply place the Melt into the bowl of an Oil Burner (into the dish where you would normally place water and essential oils), light a tea light below and watch as it melts with the warmth and gently releases its fragrance.
The great thing about these Melts is that they won't evaporate, so no need to worry about cracking the Oil Burner dish if you're like me and forget to keep the water topped up - they'll simply harden again once the candle goes out.  No need to add anything!
Just keep replacing the tea light and using the Melt till the fragrance fades.
To replace the Melt is easy too - you can either wait for the wax to be melted, pour it into a bin and wipe out with a paper towel - or let the Melt harden (even popping the Oil Burner dish into the freezer for 30 minutes) and the wax will usually pop out like a little disc.
At sanctum we sell our Fragrant Melts for just $1.50 each or even better, 5 Melts for $5!
How easy is that!
The hardest thing is choosing which fragrances to take home!

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