Monday, April 18, 2011

Back in stock...

Our very popular Fragrant Reed Diffusers are back in stock here at sanctum.
These have proven to be great gift ideas and have sold well, both in at sanctum and at the markets that we've taken them to.
With great fragrances such as: Very Vanilla; Frangipani; Honeysuckle Jasmine; Cinnamon Vanilla & Mulberry Tree, they are such an easy way to fragrance a space by setting them up and simply forgetting about them.

Be sure to get in quick though, we have already sold several since we restocked and we often stock only one of each fragrance to get the biggest range of aroma's possible.
And at only $25.50 each, they are extremely economical as well - we've had one here at sanctum going strong for 6 months and it doesn't look likely to fade anytime soon!

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